Mental Wellness: Breaking Free From Your Worries

In today’s society, one indicator of a person’s wealth is their health. People nowadays care less about fancy cars, bags, and clothes. People now lean towards a healthy lifestyle. One sign of a healthy person is their mental well-being. The famous French poet Jean Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Molière, once mentioned, “The mind has great influence over the body, and maladies often have their origin there.” Molière explains how our diseases usually originate from the mind. Sometimes, it’s all in our head. It’s all about how we deal with the situations at hand.


Mental wellness is more than an absence of mental diseases. It is a positive state of mind where one is capable of coping with the normal stresses of life. Mental wellness is achievable when one can work productively and fruitfully as well as realize their abilities. Being in such a state enables an individual to perform to the best of their capabilities.

Benefits Of Mental Wellness

A mentally healthy individual is in control of their emotions and decisions. Being mentally healthy makes them capable of achieving beyond the normal. Not only do they perform, but they are also able to build and maintain the relationships they have with other people. Mental wellness has several benefits but here are five of its best.


  1. Adaptability To Changes and Flexibility To Learn

People with a positive mental state are very resilient. Despite their failures, they are willing to bounce back. No matter how hard the situation is, they push forward. They are not too affected by the changes in their environment. Complete control of their thoughts allows them to devise the best decisions.

  1.    Build And Maintain Healthy Relationships

A healthy mind enables you to get through any problem with a partner or group. It prevents them from feeling doubt, anxiety, and judgment from the people around them. Without these issues, they can maintain a healthy and close relationship with their friends, family, or colleagues. Being free from the thoughts of judgment makes it easier to form new relationships. With the proper mindset, it is easy to approach and meet new people.

  1.    Increased Productivity

People who have complete control of their thoughts enable a strong sense of self-discipline. This discipline promotes productivity in the individual. Having a clear mind allows them to organize the way they act. Also, it helps them produce better outcomes at school or work. Mental wellness encourages personal growth from being able to do their hobbies free from worries.

  1.    Positively Affects Overall Health

A healthy body comes hand-in-hand with a healthy mind. Several studies have linked a healthy mindset and mood to heart problems, aches, pains and other kinds of sickness. The reason for this is their mind overcomes such issues. Their mind conditioned their body to believe that they’re alright. Thus, people strongly believe a healthy mind can also boost your immune system.

  1. You Become Happier

Mentally healthy people, often feel contented. They couldn’t ask for anything more than what they already have. Moreover, they don’t bother worrying about the things around them. These people are less susceptible to harsh criticism and judgment. They can work productively without too much stress. Also, they have almost complete control of themselves. It allows them to excel and at the same time feel satisfied with their achievements.

Improving Your Mental Wellness

Any time is the perfect time to change your lifestyle. Changing it is never too late. If you’re a sensitive person who believes that they are easily affected by the people around them, have no fear. You can still improve the way you handle situations. Though, it all starts in mind. Here are four useful tips to help you:

  • Exercise

A healthy mind goes with a healthy body, and a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. It becomes a two-way process. Try jogging at least three times a week. You can also play sports you’re interested in as your hobby.

  • A Balanced Diet

Studies have found that eating can reduce anxiety. We also have this term known as “comfort foods.” These are foods that provide emotional comfort to an individual. Though make sure even if you’re eating your comfort food, you are following a balanced diet.

  • Ask For Help

There’s no harm in asking for help. Sometimes, all you need is a hand. If you are struggling with gathering your thoughts, try to talk it out. Keeping it inside won’t help you at all.

  • Have Fun

Never be afraid to have fun. You don’t need to deal with everything seriously. Sometimes, a little laugh can make your worries go away. Have thrilling and exciting journeys with your friends. Play some sports. Learn how to play an instrument. Try to find a hobby that suits you.


Your mental wellness is essential. Make sure to keep track of your mental health. As much as possible, prevent your condition from getting worse.

Signs Of Emotional Self-Harm (Mental Health Issues)

There’s a big difference between those confident and positive people compared to those pessimistic and always insecure ones. Their emotional and mental health varies depending on their social interaction and environment. These people usually don’t take time to care and love themselves and stick to a habit of putting themselves down instead of building their confidence up. With that, they couldn’t see the damage they are doing with their overall health.


Recognizing Emotional Self-Harm

Running Away From Unwanted Emotion

Emotionally weak people often reject reality for what it is. Usually, they tend to look for diversion and use drugs and alcohol as an escape. They always feel anxious and stressed about things that are not even there, and they see no solutions in every unfortunate situation they encounter. Yes, it is perfectly okay to feel sad and afraid when there are things that fate already decided to happen. But, it is not enough reason to run away from emotions. Emotions are trying to say something, and they represent a more physiological effect. So when there’s no confrontation of feelings, people put their psychological needs at risk. They should understand the necessity of recognizing the things that upset them to develop and enhance their emotional and mental state through self-reflection.

Uncomfortable With Their Personality

Self-harm always start within people’s inner thoughts and feelings. So when they get ashamed of themselves, they begin to bring forward mental issues along the way. It is dangerous because it doesn’t depend on the situation. It always crawls up every time people make mistakes; they get judged from doing something, or even when they are not focusing on their positive attributes. People must understand that shame underlies destructive behavior. Yes, it is an awful thing that all individuals experience, but it shouldn’t have to become a representation whenever they feel bad about themselves. So when these individuals start to feel sorry about who they are, they begin to believe that there’s no room for them to have a healthy life.


Belittling Accomplishments And Progress

It is a situation where self-harm becomes too apparent. Yes, it is essential not to settle in one thing and continue to set life goals. But it is a different scenario when people don’t give credit on the good things they do. When these individuals don’t acknowledge their capabilities on how far they’ve become, it damages all their mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect. Self-harm grows when they bask on emptiness and discontentment regardless of the achievement they get from hard work and persistence. Bottom line, these individuals ignore to respect, value, and trust their progress because they get too blinded by their ungratefulness.

Buildup Of Conflicted Emotions

In this state, people know what’s bothering them. They don’t try to avoid it though. But they tend not to consider seeking any help. They believe they can handle it alone, it will eventually go away, and there’s nothing to worry about the situation. Usually, they build walls and hide their feelings, and these people are good at that. However, they often forget to recognize that instead of getting better, they are only digging a bigger hole that will take them down to their emotional dilemma. With that, vulnerability becomes vital. Yes, things don’t often work out the way everybody wants it. But when there’s self-pity, it still doesn’t help the situation, nor it will never affect the outcome of any problems. No person deserves to get punished, so there’s entirely no need to beat emotional and mental difficulty.


Thy Self Is Not A Priority

Taking care of one’s self is the most important thing to do. So when people enjoy bad habits such as smoking, consuming too much alcohol, skipping meals, and not drinking enough water, it destroys them. Not only these habits trigger and worsen anxiety and depression, but it also hinders the overall development of the brain and body. When it comes to mental and emotional well-being, these people don’t know how to consider providing quality care to themselves. That’s because they somehow believe that it is useless, it’s inappropriate, and it’s not going to be worth it.

Honestly, people know that some of their actions are undoubtedly harming themselves both emotionally and mentally. They better stop doing it before it takes them to a much worse case.

Mood Disorders


Mood disorders are caused by various factors that affect the typical attitude and behavior of a person. This condition can disturb the everyday life activities of an individual and can be very destructive. Awareness that you have a mood disorder is essential to avoid its complications since it can destroy your relationship and even family links.

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When Your Mental Wellness Depends On The People Living Next To You


You have definitely lost a good night sleep dreaming over your dream house – how the floor would be like, how many rooms, and how big the bathroom will be. These are all part of how you think about your future house would look like, and if there’s anything anyone would want, it would be a place where he can be at peace. However, tranquillity and harmony do not only come from the house you’re living in. Believe it or not, the people living right next to you play a vital role in your mental health.


It seems the lot and house design are not the only things you should consider when finding your haven. It is imperative that you think about the neighborhood as well. The people right next to you may seem not to matter, but unconsciously, they do. Someone even said that having a bad neighbor is like living in hell.




Reasons How Your Neighbor Influences Your Mental Health:


  • Your neighborhood is the extension of your home, and whether you like it or not, your neighbors are a part of your life. They may know things that other people don’t, and the understanding and relationship you have are different from that of your friends or colleagues.


  • When you have kids, there is a big chance that they will be friends with your neighbor’s. The parents next door will somehow be your kids’ second parents, and you will be too with their kids.


  • There will be issues that are personal or exclusive to the family that they will know about. For instance, you had a bad day and just wanted to scream. There will be times you would think what would the neighbors say, and there will be times when you don’t mind them thinking you’re going crazy.


  • Your neighbors may know things faster than you do. For instance, you and your husband are fighting. Words may spread that you two are getting a divorce. It could be annoying but as your neighbor, it is their privilege to think and say something about your life, and it is entirely up to you if you will allow them inside your head.


  • You will likely invite your neighbor to every party you throw as it will be an awkward thing if you don’t. How many celebrations do you have in a year’s time? Those are the times when you have to think about whether you’re going to invite them or not. If you don’t like them that much, it is an unfortunate thing for you.




Living right next to beautiful people could add happiness to your life, and opposite to this is a life full of stress when you live with terrible neighbors. Next time you get to think about your dream house, you might want to consider thinking about the neighborhood as well because somehow, it could determine your mental wellness. The house next door is an extension of your home, and the people living in it are an extension of your family.

Fight Gambling Addiction: Don’t Bet Your Life On It




Are you suffering from gambling addiction? Or it can be someone you know. It could be someone in the family. It doesn’t matter. If someone that’s a part of your life is suffering from gambling addiction, chances are you are going to get involved. Gambling is a mental health problem that needs to be taken care of, or it can cause a lot of trouble.

Addiction is the act of not being able to stop doing something even though we know it would cause harm.It could be in any form such as gambling, drugs, alcohol, cigarette, or anything that consumes our time, money, health, and wellbeing. So if you or someone you know are suffering from an addiction, you have the responsibility to save yourself and save all the people around you.




 Signs You Are Addicted To Gambling:

  1. You try to quit, but you just can’t. No matter how you know it’s affecting you negatively, you just can’t stop. There’s always the urge to gamble. It’s like a craving that can’t be satisfied until you get it.
  1. You bet with an amount more than you have. You are not afraid of losing a significant amount of money because your addiction is more powerful than your fear.
  1. You borrow money just to support your addiction. You lie, and you make up reasons to get money from people close to you like your family.
  1. You get serious instead of having fun. Losing makes you upset, and it makes you want to gamble even more.
  1. You have mood swings, especially when you think about gambling which is every moment of every day. It’s as if your life is revolving around it.


Ways To Overcome Gambling Addiction:

  1. Acknowledge that you are suffering from gambling addiction. It is the most critical step in fighting this problem. It means you are ready to reclaim your life back.
  1. Confide in the people you trust. Ask help from your family and friends. They are the people who have a genuine concern for you.
  1. Find a new interest in sports, music, or arts. Find an activity that can encourage self-achievement and self-worth.
  1. Try your very best to avoid gambling again. If it crosses your mind, think of something else. Make yourself busy with important matters like your job.
  1. Seek professional advice. Some people and agencies can help you with your battle against gambling addiction. You are not the only one suffering from this problem that’s why many people devote their time trying to save families and lives.




Gambling plays with our emotions, so it could only mean that it is controlling you emotionally and mentally. It can cause you everything you have worked for including your house, car, properties, job, health, and family. To sum it all up, you could lose everything. So there’s no winning in gambling, especially when you’re addicted to it.Be wise, stop!Don’t bet away your life and everyone else’s.

Take Your Time To Be Successful




Breathe in, breathe out. When you get caught up in life, and you feel like success is getting farther and farther from your reach, breathe. Take your time to think, and assess your life honestly without prejudice. Look at yourself from someone else’s perception.

Are you using your time wisely?

Are you putting all your effort to be better?

Do you have your priorities straight?

Do you do your best?

Do you deserve to be successful?


If you answered yes to all these questions, then it’s just a matter of time. Continue doing what you are doing, or strive to do and be better. It doesn’t hurt to surpass the person you were yesterday.

If your answer to one or more questions above is no, then you have to pause and take your time. Re-evaluate yourself – your goals, and priorities.




Take Your Time To Know Yourself

Take time to discover your strengths and weaknesses. By this time, you might already know what you’re good at, but don’t stop there. Your limitation is the limit you set for yourself. Develop different skills, improve your personality, and nourish your relationships. Know yourself not for what you already are but what you can be.


Take Your Time To Know Your Priorities

Know your priorities. It is essential in determining your happiness. Never cling to the definition of success based on our society. Success and happiness are defined by no other than you. You can’t have the same priorities as everyone else. Some give more importance to career, love, friendship, and some to the family.


Take Your Time To Set Your Goals

Focus on what you want to achieve in life, whether it’s a successful career, a small cabin, a luxurious car, or a cruise with the family. It doesn’t matter. It is you who know what you want and the only one who can make it happen. Use an affirmation every day to help you remember.


Take Your Time To Think Positively

Don’t let anything stop you from becoming the person you want to be. Never waste your time feeling sad about mistakes. Take time to ponder and learn from your failures, but never make them the center of your life. They are meant to be the path towards success, and you don’t stay in the pathway. You move forward.


Take Your Time To Make It All Happen

Dedicate your time and effort in improving yourself. Invest in your development and learning, because these are your only tools on your journey towards success. You use your knowledge in dealing with everyday challenges and your skills in daily tasks. Take time to be the best that you can be, because being successful is not about being the best among everybody else but being the best version of yourself.




Time is our only real possession in life. Some people are successful because they make proper use of it based on their perception of what success is. We direct our path to where we want, and it takes time to get there. Life is never about the beginning and the end. What matters is what you do in between.


Never Think Twice! Eating Disorder Is A Serious Medical Condition




They say, “We are what we eat,” but sometimes, you are how you eat! The manner of how you eat can affect your overall wellbeing. Food is just one of the few things that our body takes in, just like air and water.

Many people think that a person is healthy when he looks healthy, but there are certain conditions where physical symptoms are not visible in the early onset. Eating disorders are severe medical conditions that affect us physiologically. It affects people of any age but mostly occurs during teenage years or young adulthood. It is attributed to the pressure of society to look thin just like the underwear models we see on TV.

Teenagers and young adults are prone to peer pressure and fragile to what others think about their weight and how they look. Eating disorders can affect a person regardless of the gender.




What Are The Types Of Eating Disorders? 

  • Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Vermosa is a severe eating disorder. A person affected by this condition tends to have a paranoia about his weight. He has a firm belief that he is overweight when he seriously looks underweight. People who suffer from anorexia limit their food intake. As a result, the body does not get the proper nourishment it needs to function appropriately. It can lead to multi-organ failure or if left untreated, death.

Anorexia Vermosa is a severe eating disorder. A person affected by this condition tends to have a paranoia about his weight. He has a firm belief that he is overweight when he seriously looks underweight. People who suffer from anorexia limit their food intake. As a result, the body does not get the proper nourishment it needs to function appropriately. It can lead to multi-organ failure or if left untreated, death.


  • Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is a type of eating disorder where the person is very conscious of his weight and shape but has a tendency to plunge into compulsive eating. They often do this secretly to avoid shame. They know that people are aware of their desire to be in great shape, and they are worried that people will judge them. People who suffer from bulimia have a guilt feeling after compulsive eating. They would shove their finger down their throat to vomit, do excessive exercise, and take as many meds to try and burn what they ate.


  • Binge Eating Disorder

 Binge eating disorder is the eating disorder of people who are most likely obese. They cannot control compulsive and excessive eating due to mental health issues including depression and anxiety. It could also be somewhat related to stress-eating where a person turns to excessive food consumption or giving into a craving to feel better about something. Food serves as comfort and relief.


What Is The Treatment Course For Eating Disorders?

  • Nutrition

The physical aspect must be returned to its optimum state, and this is done be nourishing the body with the lacking nutrients.


  • Medication

It is vital to determine if any consequential damages might have occurred. The essential parts of the body should be tested and monitored to ascertain proper function. Medications are prescribed accordingly.


  • Counseling And Therapy

An eating disorder is considered a mental health disorder; therefore, it is necessary to address the issues surrounding the problem that might have caused issues like anxiety and depression. Counseling and therapy are conducted to regain a healthy state mentally and emotionally.




Treatment consists of several approaches, each one designed to address a different aspect namely physical, mental, and emotional. Sometimes eating disorders are caused or can cause anxiety and depression. A consultation with a knowledgeable medical care provider is essential as soon as you find abnormalities in your eating pattern to prevent worsening of the condition.