Therapy: How To Remove Stress In Your Life 


Stress is inevitable or something that you could not avoid. According to Mary K. Tatum, LMHC, “Stress is variable and affects everyone differently.”  Despite your diligent efforts of trying to be cool with the demands of work, family life or personal matters, there will always come a time when stress will take over you. This is the primary reason why it is essential to learn some techniques on how to beat stress. The first step that you must do is to accept the fact that stress is part of life. Once you learn to accept this fact, the solution will follow. “Some people are more prone to stress reactions. They’re likely to be people who have difficulty managing on a day-to-day basis. They may not have effective problem-solving skills, or be predisposed to high levels of anxiety and uncertainty,” says Len Tuzman, an expert on stress management.  Continue reading

Top Benefits Of Relationship Counseling


“A committed marriage is a lifelong partnership that links two people around their most fundamental wishes and wants so that the two people involved can flourish as individuals and as a couple,” according to Catherine Aponte Psy.D.

The truth is that there is no perfect relationship in this world. Every relationship has its ups and downs. This is the primary reason why every couple needs to be strong for each other. When they fail to do this, there is a high possibility that the relationship could not survive the turmoil. The challenges in every union play an essential role in strengthening the bond between the two persons involved.

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I’m A Mom – I Eat Stress For Breakfast All The Way To Midnight Snacks


“Stress is somewhat difficult to describe accurately beyond simply saying that you know it when you feel it.” according to Roxanna Miller, LMHC.

Talk to me about stress. I’m a mom. I know everything about the word “stress.” I’m sure not all moms are as stressed as me, though. Some mommies only have one child to take care of with two or three nannies to help them. Most of the time, some couples only have two kids, that’s because they don’t have the time to take care of their babies 24 hours a day. I mean, who has the time?

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Overcoming Gambling Addiction


Risking your money and properties with a relatively small probability of winning is a harmless pleasure, probably for some people. Little do these gamblers know that the only consequences of staking a large sum are either losing a bunch or developing a compulsive behavior known as gambling addiction. “Genetics play a role but growing evidence shows gambling disorder is also tied to the dopamine reward system in the brain. Different gamblers have different experiences but one of the things you see in process addictions like gambling is that much of the reward comes not from winning but from the possibility of winning,” according to Dr. David Sack, a psychiatrist.

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The Connection Between Sexual Addiction And Mental Health


“Someone with sex addiction isn’t just someone who loves sex. The main symptoms of sex addiction include a loss of control, failed attempts to stop unwanted sexual behavior, and a pattern of negative consequences from anxiety to depression and legal problems,” says therapist Dr. Joe Kort.

Sexual addiction and mental illnesses are both problems experienced by some people. First, sexual addiction contributes to the growth of mental health conditions, and second, mental illnesses take part in sexual addiction cases. Yet upon further studies, research information gathering, and clinical practices, it is likely proved that these two do not share the same connection.

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Is Depression Affecting Your Relationship?

If you are having some troubles in your relationship, depression may be one of the many reasons why problems keep on coming your way. Uncontrollable sadness, anger, or hopelessness may be signs of a mental health issue that can improve with treatment,” according to David Sack, M.D. This is especially true when one has depression.

According to experts, people who are diagnosed with clinical depression are more likely to withdraw from their relationships with other individuals. Most of the time, these depressed persons are not aware that they are already driving their partners away. Therefore, it is proper to conclude that depression can affect the way you connect with those surrounding you.



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Psychiatry: Tips To Improve Mental Health 

The secret to feeling better and happier is to improve your mental health. Make it a top priority to care for your well-being. No matter what comes your way, be sure that you know how to handle it the right manner. The process of working on the improvement of your mental health is challenging. You have to set your mind on how to make it happen. Below are some of the tricks on how to achieve this ultimate goal: 

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Online Therapy: A Cure For Eating Disorder

The two common eating disorders known to men are bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa.

“Bulimia is characterized by two main behaviors- binging and purging. Purging is an attempt to rid the body of calories. Those who purge through vomiting often do it immediately after a binge, but sometimes a significant amount of time can lapse between binging and purging,” says Dana Harron, PsyD.

“General risk factors include low mood, a history of physical and sexual trauma, general family problems, and a parent with a psychiatric disorder. These all appear to increase one’s risk for later mental health problems, including eating disorders,” Dr. Stacey C. Cahn, PhD talks about anorexia.

Several reasons or causes could lead to these disorders. At this point, it is essential to take note that these two illnesses are grave and must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, several people are not aware that there is so much more to being anorexic or bulimic. The truth is that these are considered as mental health sicknesses, which must be dealt with severely.


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Eating Disorders: Benefits Of Counseling


Being overweight is not just a physical problem. It involves our emotions as well. With the varieties of food right now, not to mention the convenience, it is indeed challenging not to gain weight! Delicious food makes us forget about the risks we are facing. Being overweight or obese is correlated with other medical health issues like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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Make Family A Priority




Nowadays, having a whole family is such a blessing! Not everyone gets to be with both mom and dad under the same roof for quite a long time. Divorce is prevalent regardless of having children. Some parents, on the other hand, may experience difficulties in dealing with their children, especially teens. It is indeed challenging to strengthen the bond of the family.

Dr. Jaclyn Shlisky PsyD says “Focus more on how your children make progress by comparing them to themselves—if they are progressing each day, each week, each month, that’s what really matters. Every day try to find a small win.”

Factors Affecting Family Relationship:

  1. Time

Everyone in the family has a responsibility outside the house. The father needs to go to work to provide for the family, and some mothers do too. The children have to go to school, and babies and toddlers have to stay at home with the nannies or sometimes left in the daycare.

We don’t realize that we spend half of our time with other people and not our family. We spend nine hours in the office, one to two hours traveling from and to home, which leaves 13 hours. One hour is for dinner and another hour for homework and other tasks. Now, your time for your family is down to 11, but you need to rest and sleep too. That’s another eight hours less. So you only have three hours spare to spend.


What Are You Going To Do With That Remaining Three Hours?

  • Think of a family activity where all members can join.
  • Create a space to gather after everyone has finished their tasks.
  • Make sure to say goodnight before everyone goes to bed.

“When I am with my children, whether for an hour or a full day, I am responsive to their cues and needs; I provide undivided attention whenever possible to set them up for success,” according to Francyne Zeltser, PsyD.

  1. Communication

With the advancement of technology today, communication is made easy. We get to talk to and communicate with our colleagues, classmates, friends, and other people far away from us. It may sound like it’s a big leap, but it also has a significant disadvantage. It takes away our time for the people who should be getting the most of it.

After you arrive home, do you still make time to catch up with everyone, or do you go straight to the computer or check your phone to see how the rest of the world is doing?


What should you do to enhance communication within the family?

  • Ask everyone how their day went.
  • Tell your family how your day went.
  • Help children with their homework.
  • Spend an hour talking about anything with the family.
  • Spend an hour talking with your spouse before going to bed.


  1. Love And Respect

Love and respect should always be present any day. Although the people in our family are in our hearts, it is essential that it is not just words. We should be making an effort to show them in action.


How Do Children Show Their Parents Love And Respect?

  • Help them with the chores.
  • Ask them if everything’s okay at work.
  • Offer to give a back or foot massage.
  • Offer to make some tea.


How Do Parents Show Their Children Love And Respect?

  • Ask them how their day was.
  • Ask if they need anything at school.
  • Ask about anything you think interests your children.
  • Stop everything you’re doing once your children start to open up.
  • Don’t nag or yell at your children.




These three factors are vital in any relationship, and our relationship with our family is essential in our overall perspective and attitude towards life. It is the key to a peaceful and positive mindset. We must put our family at the top of our priorities because no matter how they love us, taking them for granted is unwise. We often do it because we think that they’re going to stick around no matter what. But the family is the beginning and center of all our relationships. It is through them that we learn significant values and morals in life. “Teach your kids kindness and empathy,” according to Christopher Willard, PsyD.  That is why how we are with our family reflects how we are as a person.