Is Depression Affecting Your Relationship?

If you are having some troubles in your relationship, depression may be one of the many reasons why problems keep on coming your way. Uncontrollable sadness, anger, or hopelessness may be signs of a mental health issue that can improve with treatment,” according to David Sack, M.D. This is especially true when one has depression.

According to experts, people who are diagnosed with clinical depression are more likely to withdraw from their relationships with other individuals. Most of the time, these depressed persons are not aware that they are already driving their partners away. Therefore, it is proper to conclude that depression can affect the way you connect with those surrounding you.




The best way to fight depression is to know the ways of how it is affecting your relationship with the one you love. It is imperative on your part to be aware of how this mental health issue brings sadness and frustration in the marriage. Here are some of the things that you need to look out for:


  1. Feeling Of Hopelessness. One of the symptoms of depression is feeling extreme guilt and despair. A person who has this mental condition believes that there is no longer hope left in this world. The constant feeling of hopelessness can create problems in the marriage, most especially if it occurs regularly.



  1. Anxiety And Stress. Having these negative emotions can make your life more difficult as well as your relationship with your husband. Having too much stress can make you irritable to the point that you no longer want to deal with your spouse. At the same time, you will also start to nitpick on the actions of your partner. As such, the arguments are expected to increase. According to John M. Grohol, PsyD, Some people with depression become more irritable and angry with virtually everyone and everything in their life.”


  1. Refusal To Talk. Communication is important in every marriage. It is an essential ingredient in making the marriage work. Without it, you and your partner are bound to go on separate ways. When you are depressed, you have a high tendency to refuse communication with your husband. Instead of talking about the problems, you would most likely choose to ignore the other person.




  1. Diminished Sex Life. Aside from communication, having an intimate relationship with your partner is also essential in a marriage. Whether you like it or not, sex is a significant factor that can make people closer to one another. Depression may cause you to have a low sex drive. When this happens, you may lose that special connection you have with the other person. Always “Pursue connection!” says Lee Horton, Ph.D.


The sad thing about all of these is that most people only realize the adverse effects of depression when it is too late already. Watch out for the presence of the items mentioned above so that you could act on your depression right away. Stop denying to yourself that you are depressed. Look out for the symptoms and deal with them as soon as possible. Take note that it is still best to consult with a professional who could help identify your current mental condition. If you want to save the marriage and make it work, be sure to find a therapist. Another option available is for you and the other person to undergo couples counseling or relationship therapy.