Lock Away Your Anxiety


[5 Simple Ways To De-Stress And Live For Today]


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Funny thing about people is we are too smart! Our mind is set to think about things that are supposed to be in the future. We know so well about the logic of life, and we prepare ourselves for every situation that might come up. Absolutely smart, don’t you think? But when is it not okay to be ready? When is it not smart to prepare for the future?

Thinking about the future is indeed smart. It’s just some people overdo it! They tend to worry so hard that they forget to live at the moment.

With about 8 billion world population, it’s hard to tell which path is ours to take. Our society has designed a system which directs our lives that’s why we may assume that we are in control, but then we realize that we really are not. We are just free to choose which standards to follow.

For once, stop being anxious about things that may not even happen! Anxiety can affect our way of living more than you realize. The constant fear and worrying can make a significant impact on our overall health. Too much stress which correlates with anxiety and weakens our immune system makes us vulnerable to certain diseases. “More chronic anxiety is that reaction going on in a much more sustained way or being activated periodically throughout the day. Certain people have brains that are predisposed to have that reaction much more commonly, and they can actually train themselves to be chronically anxious,” says Dr. Scott Bea PsyD. This is dangerous.

But what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to hang loose and deal with things as they come? Of course not! It would be irresponsible. Isn’t it?

Sometimes, all you need to do is breathe. Stop your anxiety and live for today. Tomorrow can worry about itself, but today, you make a choice. Challenge yourself to do these simple de-stressing tricks that could fade away your anxiety even just for a day.


Today, I will:

  1. Forget All My Problems.I am not going to let my past dilemmas mess with my day. I will greet the sunrise with just the thought of nothing but peace.


  1. Stop Chasing Tomorrow. I should know better than to rush seeing the next sunrise. I will seize today and appreciate all the good and bad things that will come.


  1. Stay Home Sweet Home. I will not be waiting inline. I will hug my soft pillow so tight and embrace the comfort of my home. I will be free from the traffic lights telling me to stop, ready, or go. Today, red, orange, and red only mean the color of the food I’m going to eat.


  1. Be Healthy.It is a day to feel great, and that means physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Today, I will look my best. I will pamper myself with a long relaxing bath, sip on hot green tea, and moisturize my skin. Today, I will smell good.


  1. I Will Turn Off My Devices. I will detoxify my life from outer influences. I will not browse the internet, social media, or watch the TV to hear the news that upset me but 90% of the time doesn’t concern me.


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But before you do all the ways mentioned above, make sure you’re not going to miss any appointments or what not. Make it a day off, because all will be useless if you’re going to worry about your tasks piling up and the excuses you need to make up for your absence.

Let’s face it! We can only pause once in a while as this world is already designed to advance in all aspects. Just be smart enough to seize each moment, and don’t let anxiety stash away your happiness. Life, when you worry about it too much, is complicated. Lock up your anxiety in a closet just for a day and feel how beautiful and peaceful life could and should be. “Regardless of the problem, stressor or hardship you may be experiencing, everyone can benefit from seeing a therapist. Therapy can help you overcome current stressors and arm you with the skills to effectively manage in the future,” says Megan Vossler, LCSW.

Also, you have to remember that “Cognitive behavioral therapy was developed to treat depression, and there is good evidence that it works as well as antidepressant medications for mild to moderate depression,” says Dr. Madhukar Trivedi. Sometimes, you just need help.