Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health


The 2017 Mental Health Summit was an awakening for me. The whole point of the event was to discuss the mental health of children. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant was present in that summit, and as they say, it was a record-breaking event in terms of attendance. There were around 350 attendees on that event, which shows that people these days are interested to know more about the mental health issues that can plague children, which include behavioral, personality disorders, and more. Of course, the Governor was the one who opened the general session.

Why is mental health important, and why do we need to discuss it? People are neglectful of their mental health, and that includes ignoring the immediate symptoms of themselves and their kids. If one’s mental health is impaired, the body will also follow. The great thing about mental health is that one can go into treatment, which is a therapy that will ease and alleviate the cause of such mental health conditions. A person’s mental health must always be in tiptop shape because, like one’s body, mental health keeps you productive on a day to day basis. If your mental health is dwindling, your productivity will also lessen.


We also need to discuss it because more than 70% of people with mental health issues go about with their days without diagnosis and, more so, without treatment. Have you ever wondered why your neighbor, who is not fat at all, just die of “heart failure?” Depression and anxiety could have triggered heart failure, and this is true. A lot of people just lose their will to live because of mental health problems.

The same thing goes for children. They are too hyperactive (ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder with ADHD or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or too sad (Depressions). Some kids can be fearful of anything because they are too anxious (General Anxiety Disorder), or they have Phobia. These mental health issues must be treated, if not eliminated, especially on children. And this is the reason why mental health summits are held to remind people that mental health is as important as physical health. It is never too late – mental health issues have treatment. And it does not mean that if you have an issue, you are crazy, delusional, or abnormal. If you do not seek treatment, then your decision to not going through it is crazy.