Take Your Time To Be Successful


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Breathe in, breathe out. When you get caught up in life, and you feel like success is getting farther and farther from your reach, breathe. Take your time to think, and assess your life honestly without prejudice. Look at yourself from someone else’s perception.

Are you using your time wisely?

Are you putting all your effort to be better?

Do you have your priorities straight?

Do you do your best?

Do you deserve to be successful?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then it’s just a matter of time. Continue doing what you are doing, or strive to do and be better. It doesn’t hurt to surpass the person you were yesterday.

If your answer to one or more questions above is no, then you have to pause and take your time. Re-evaluate yourself – your goals, and priorities.

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Take Your Time To Know Yourself

Take time to discover your strengths and weaknesses. By this time, you might already know what you’re good at, but don’t stop there. Your limitation is the limit you set for yourself. Develop different skills, improve your personality, and nourish your relationships. Know yourself not for what you already are but what you can be.


Take Your Time To Know Your Priorities

Know your priorities. It is essential in determining your happiness. Never cling to the definition of success based on our society. Success and happiness are defined by no other than you. You can’t have the same priorities as everyone else. Some give more importance to career, love, friendship, and some to the family.


Take Your Time To Set Your Goals

Focus on what you want to achieve in life, whether it’s a successful career, a small cabin, a luxurious car, or a cruise with the family. It doesn’t matter. It is you who know what you want and the only one who can make it happen. Use an affirmation every day to help you remember.


Take Your Time To Think Positively

Don’t let anything stop you from becoming the person you want to be. Never waste your time feeling sad about mistakes. Take time to ponder and learn from your failures, but never make them the center of your life. They are meant to be the path towards success, and you don’t stay in the pathway. You move forward.


Take Your Time To Make It All Happen

Dedicate your time and effort in improving yourself. Check for tips here in Mom365 and Mother.Ly. Invest in your development and learning, because these are your only tools on your journey towards success. You use your knowledge in dealing with everyday challenges and your skills in daily tasks. Take time to be the best that you can be, because being successful is not about being the best among everybody else but being the best version of yourself.

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Time is our only real possession in life. Some people are successful because they make proper use of it based on their perception of what success is. We direct our path to where we want, and it takes time to get there. Life is never about the beginning and the end. What matters is what you do in between.


Never Think Twice! Eating Disorder Is A Serious Medical Condition



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They say, “We are what we eat,” but sometimes, you are how you eat! The manner of how you eat can affect your overall wellbeing. Food is just one of the few things that our body takes in, just like air and water.

Many people think that a person is healthy when he looks healthy, but there are certain conditions where physical symptoms are not visible in the early onset. Eating disorders are severe medical conditions that affect us physiologically. It affects people of any age but mostly occurs during teenage years or young adulthood. It is attributed to the pressure of society to look thin just like the underwear models we see on TV.

Teenagers and young adults are prone to peer pressure and fragile to what others think about their weight and how they look. Eating disorders can affect a person regardless of the gender.


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What Are The Types Of Eating Disorders? 

  • Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Vermosa is a severe eating disorder. A person affected by this condition tends to have a paranoia about his weight. He has a firm belief that he is overweight when he seriously looks underweight. People who suffer from anorexia limit their food intake. As a result, the body does not get the proper nourishment it needs to function appropriately. It can lead to multi-organ failure or if left untreated, death.

Anorexia Vermosa is a severe eating disorder. A person affected by this condition tends to have a paranoia about his weight. He has a firm belief that he is overweight when he seriously looks underweight. People who suffer from anorexia limit their food intake. As a result, the body does not get the proper nourishment it needs to function appropriately. It can lead to multi-organ failure or if left untreated, death.


  • Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is a type of eating disorder where the person is very conscious of his weight and shape but has a tendency to plunge into compulsive eating. They often do this secretly to avoid shame. They know that people are aware of their desire to be in great shape, and they are worried that people will judge them. People who suffer from bulimia have a guilt feeling after compulsive eating. They would shove their finger down their throat to vomit, do excessive exercise, and take as many meds to try and burn what they ate.


  • Binge Eating Disorder

 Binge eating disorder is the eating disorder of people who are most likely obese. They cannot control compulsive and excessive eating due to mental health issues including depression and anxiety. It could also be somewhat related to stress-eating where a person turns to excessive food consumption or giving into a craving to feel better about something. Food serves as comfort and relief.


What Is The Treatment Course For Eating Disorders?

  • Nutrition

The physical aspect must be returned to its optimum state, and this is done be nourishing the body with the lacking nutrients.


  • Medication

It is vital to determine if any consequential damages might have occurred. The essential parts of the body should be tested and monitored to ascertain proper function. Medications are prescribed accordingly.


  • Counseling And Therapy

An eating disorder is considered a mental health disorder; therefore, it is necessary to address the issues surrounding the problem that might have caused issues like anxiety and depression. Counseling and therapy are conducted to regain a healthy state mentally and emotionally.


Source:  mentalhealthtreatment.net


Treatment consists of several approaches, each one designed to address a different aspect namely physical, mental, and emotional. Sometimes eating disorders are caused or can cause anxiety and depression. A consultation with a knowledgeable medical care provider is essential as soon as you find abnormalities in your eating pattern to prevent worsening of the condition.

Lock Away Your Anxiety


[5 Simple Ways To De-Stress And Live For Today]


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Funny thing about people is we are too smart! Our mind is set to think about things that are supposed to be in the future. We know so well about the logic of life, and we prepare ourselves for every situation that might come up. Absolutely smart, don’t you think? But when is it not okay to be ready? When is it not smart to prepare for the future?

Thinking about the future is indeed smart. It’s just some people overdo it! They tend to worry so hard that they forget to live at the moment.

With about 8 billion world population, it’s hard to tell which path is ours to take. Our society has designed a system which directs our lives that’s why we may assume that we are in control, but then we realize that we really are not. We are just free to choose which standards to follow.

For once, stop being anxious about things that may not even happen! Anxiety can affect our way of living more than you realize. The constant fear and worrying can make a significant impact on our overall health. Too much stress which correlates with anxiety and weakens our immune system makes us vulnerable to certain diseases.

But what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to hang loose and deal with things as they come? Of course not! It would be irresponsible. Isn’t it?

Sometimes, all you need to do is breathe. Stop your anxiety and live for today. Tomorrow can worry about itself, but today, you make a choice. Challenge yourself to do these simple de-stressing tricks that could fade away your anxiety even just for a day.


Today, I will:

  1. Forget All My Problems.I am not going to let my past dilemmas mess with my day. I will greet the sunrise with just the thought of nothing but peace.


  1. Stop Chasing Tomorrow. I should know better than to rush seeing the next sunrise. I will seize today and appreciate all the good and bad things that will come.


  1. Stay Home Sweet Home. I will not be waiting inline. I will hug my soft pillow so tight and embrace the comfort of my home. I will be free from the traffic lights telling me to stop, ready, or go. Today, red, orange, and red only mean the color of the food I’m going to eat.


  1. Be Healthy.It is a day to feel great, and that means physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Today, I will look my best. I will pamper myself with a long relaxing bath, sip on hot green tea, and moisturize my skin. Today, I will smell good.


  1. I Will Turn Off My Devices. I will detoxify my life from outer influences. I will not browse the internet, social media, or watch the TV to hear the news that upset me but 90% of the time doesn’t concern me.


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But before you do all the ways mentioned above, make sure you’re not going to miss any appointments or what not. Make it a day off, because all will be useless if you’re going to worry about your tasks piling up and the excuses you need to make up for your absence.

Let’s face it! We can only pause once in a while as this world is already designed to advance in all aspects. Just be smart enough to seize each moment, and don’t let anxiety stash away your happiness. Life, when you worry about it too much, is complicated. Lock up your anxiety in a closet just for a day and feel how beautiful and peaceful life could and should be.