Quick Food Guide For People Recovering From An Eating Disorder

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Therapists are used to dealing with people with different mental disorders. Hundreds of individuals have probably come to visit one throughout their career. Not to mention, there are also folks who have various forms of addiction, bipolar and personality disorders, etc., which may be impossible to recover from without professional help. Nevertheless, one of the trickiest mental illnesses to overcome is an eating disorder. According to eating disorder specialist Nicole Pipitone, MAAT, LPC, “Eating disorders are one of the most complex disorders, and have the highest mortality rate of any other psychiatric illness.“

If the problem has something to do with drugs or alcohol, for instance, the easiest way to get over them is by not hanging around people who use and abuse such substances. In case you are depressed, you need to go out of your room and be with your loved ones more often. However, when you have an eating disorder, food is practically everywhere, so it can be difficult to mend your relationship with it. That is especially true if your original goal is to lose weight and show your detractors that you will not be obese forever.

Now, if you genuinely want to heal from such a disorder and help your therapist help you, here’s a quick food guide that you can follow.

What Can I Eat?

As what psychologist Lauren Muhlheim PsyD said, “Many patients with eating disorders will only eat a restricted range of foods.” These days, there are lots of products in the market that are made for burning your body fats, but very few of them work. Most of the labeled products say that they do not have saturated fats, but it is the opposite in a lot of other foods. In truth, they are filled with this kind of fat which is very harmful to any person who is going to digest it. However, even if that’s the case, there are still a few fat burning foods which are effective for burning the extra fat in the body.

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Millets & Peanuts

Foods that contain fibers are the ones which are always useful for burning fat. Fiber-rich foods like millets and peanuts absorb cholesterol and help to emulsify extra fat in the human body. Just to digest this type of food, we have to burn a good amount of calories, which can also help us to burn unwanted fats.


Every morning, just take a tablespoon of honey with warm water so that the extra fats will be burned while you are getting extra energy for your body.


Garlic contains anti-bacterial compounds such as sulfur, which helps to reduce excess fat and cholesterol, making it a sufficient fat-burning food.


Chilis are filled with capsicum, a component which helps to increase the metabolism of the human body. You should know that when the metabolism increases, the burning of the extra fats in our body also increases. This is the reason why you should eat chilies if you are looking for a fat-burning food.

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Curry Leaves

Curry leaves can directly help our body to burn unwanted fats. Aside from that, curry leaves works as a good eliminator of some harmful toxins in the body as well.

Dark Chocolate

Stress is responsible for low metabolism of the human body; that’s why stressed people often get extra fat and weight gain. Scientifically speaking, it is now proven that daily consumption of 1-2 tablespoon of dark chocolate reduces our stress. Hence, it is also a valuable food for burning fats.

Sesame Seeds

After a long time of doing researches, it has been found out that liver enzymes and some essential fatty acids increase the metabolism of our body and burn extra fat cholesterol. Luckily, sesame seeds are filled with essential fatty acids to help improve the liver enzymes and are therefore the kind of food that should be taken by someone who wants to flush out his or her extra body fats.

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According to scientists, smoothies can also help you to burn the additional fats in your body. Smoothies can make the satiety hormones more active, and that is a good thing because it is the hormone that is responsible for burning fat. A glass of smoothie a day will be useful to burn your fats away.

Yellow Bell Peppers

Vitamin C deficiency is also responsible for gaining extra fat in the human body. Vitamin C produces a compound called carnitine, which is very important for burning excess fat. Carnitine helps our muscles to function, and it can turn those fats to the energy that can be used by our body.

Final Thoughts

Recovery from an eating disorder can be challenging”, states Marriage and family therapist Susan Cowden, MS. I know that overcoming an eating disorder is not as easy as changing clothes. You will mostly have to deal with yourself, which you may or may not like due to your weight issues. Despite that, you merely have to lean on your therapist for support for a while, as well as your friends and family. This way, you increase your chances of recovering from the disorder.

Good luck!