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Who We Are

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What Personal Information We Gather And Why


When you leave a comment on one of our blogs, our system will collect the personal details that you put in, including your name and email address. We also obtain every visitor’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, as well as browser user string, to prevent possible SPAM attacks. Once your comment gets approved, it will appear in the Comments section under the blog post along with your name, profile picture, and date of submission of the comment.


Cookies are essential to make a blog site function. It cannot switched off from our end. Our system tends to send them when you do certain actions in the website, e.g., filling in forms or requesting for various services.

In case you do not want to receive cookies all the time, you can customize your browser’s settings to block them or notify you before accepting them. However, kindly take note that some parts of our website might be inaccessible to you by doing so.

Contact Forms

We have a contact form to collect messages in a more organized manner. Through this form, we will obtain and store your email address, full name, and mobile number (optional). You are free to opt out of this system by clicking Unsubscribe or contacting us regarding the process at /contact/.