Mental Health Recovery – A Life After The Devastating Breakup

Once or twice in our lives, we experience a painful and devastating breakup. It can come from all sorts of reasons, such as cheating, falling out of love, and personality differences. Breakups do not support emotional and mental clarity. More often, it gives us high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. In some instances, we get too focused on what we think we feel instead of what we actually thought we think about it. Unfortunately, that mentality somehow results in isolation and even self-harm. With that, we can all agree that breakups can contribute a lot to destabilizing our mental health. With that, we need to be mindful. Breakups are part of a relationship, but it does not have to become fundamental to our mental health struggle.


Admittedly, There Is No Easy Way Out

Recovering from a breakup needs to run a process. First, we have to deal with the matters of the relationship. If that is something we can fix, we might as well fix it. If the problem is something we can leave behind us, we should find a way not to overthink it. Of course, the statement seems too easy to accomplish because we know that the mental and emotional struggle tends to be different. All of us deal with heartaches differently, and that can be a challenging moment for everyone. Needless to say, there is no simple way out. Therefore, we need to feel the pain and survive the emotional and mental torture before we can entirely pull ourselves out of the misery.

But on a note, even if we managed to acknowledge the pain we feel, the guarantee of keeping our mental state is not yet on a full course. There are times that we get too attached to the heartache that we often do not want to open ourselves to anyone anymore. In some cases, the pain and sorrow leave a mark that can become pretty much irreplaceable. As a result, we tend to change our perspectives. We begin to see the negativities of everything around us, and we often look for people’s flaws. We build this mentality that people who come into our lives are always after something. We become doubtful, anxious, and always feel threatened. Sadly, that instant shift in negative perspective happens every time with a hundred percent probability.


Heartache Recovery Is All Messed

Given that we end up with sorrows in pain after a failed relationship, most of us often take the damage seriously. We grieve with our loss that we could not find time to think about the other good things around us. Sometimes, we even fail to realize that life is more than just heartaches and misery. Instead, we dwell in the past and allow ourselves to get trapped with the idea of sacrificing more. That is for the sake of getting back what we have lost. In the process of recovering from the relationship damage, we believe that the more we feel hurt, the stronger we get. We fail to realize that the more the pain penetrates our emotional and mental state, the less become aware of self-love.

Clearly, people can lie to us and say that their breakup didn’t hurt that much. Because the truth is, it does. We may handle the pain differently, but the damage still affects some parts of our lives. It changes the way we view a relationship, and it can make us judge people’s character in an instant. Despite telling ourselves that things will be okay, we somehow know deep inside that the healing process will take a while. We understand the exertion of effort we need to put in so that we can guarantee a better and fulfilling heartache recovery.


Emotional And Mental Torture

For some of us who are not emotionally and mentally strong enough to face reality, it can be quite frustrating. The idea of the heartache itself is self-explanatory. It consists of a lot of negative emotions and reactions that often we can’t control. It does not have a pause or stop button that we can switch on every time we feel emotionally distraught. Alongside it, we only understand suffering and devastation. From that circumstance, we know something is wrong. Sadly, there is no immediate solution to that.



A failed relationship is everyone’s worst life experience. Of course, nobody wants to see themselves getting stuck in a roller coaster of unwanted emotions. Unfortunately, a breakup contributes a lot to that damage. It is not easy to mentally and emotionally recover from the pain. It requires a different level of courage and motivation to break free even from the smallest thing that keeps you holding into it. But despite all the unfortunate heartache, there is still hope that somehow and someday, we will be able to feel appreciated and loved again.