Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Signs of Depression

Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Signs of Depression

As I repeatedly attempt to understand myself, especially the changes I make with my every behavior, I often go back to the mental illness I once experienced. It was a long and tiring battle that I thanked God for overcoming. I was dealing with such emotional and mental pain and agony that somehow slowly kills me inside. There was agitation, exhaustion, nervousness, emotional dilemma, fatigue, and all sorts of negativity that put a lot of weight on my overall wellness. It was a disaster and a crucial part of my existence.


Back then, I was hesitant to acknowledge my mental health struggle. I thought maybe it was all in the mind that I feel so lonely and sad for no particular reason. I thought it was normal and that every individual deals with that kind of emotional phase in life. However, the hidden signs of depression are not that friendly. There were times that, as much as I wanted to ignore it, they kept on coming back. I am not sure if those warning signs ever go away, but I am pretty much sure they are causing me a hell of mental and emotional damage.

Fortunately, today, I am more than careful about things around me. As much as possible, I try to learn more about my stressors to keep them away and won’t trigger my depression. Thus, I am confident that I can now distinguish its hidden signs. Of course, I do make mistakes and a couple of small assumptions at times. I am not a specialist when it comes to handling mental health issues, though. But at least, I am paying close attention to my overall emotional and mental health. Here’s to the frequently asked questions that guided me along the way of my mental health journey.

Is it possible to diagnose yourself with depression?

No, it is not possible to diagnose yourself with depression. It can only be possible if you, yourself, are a licensed and certified psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or counselor, with knowledge and expertise in the field. You can read about the signs and symptoms of depression, and if you see these signs upon you, you cannot assume right away. You have to go to a mental health expert and ask for their advice.

What is the most reliable symptom of depression?

The most common symptom of people with depression is the feeling of extreme sadness. While there are many signs and symptoms of depression, feeling very sad is a common factor in people with the said disorder. If you feel so sad, which lasts for more than two weeks, and you cannot function properly with your day-to-day life, you might be depressed, and with that, you need to see a professional in mental health.

But of course, there are instances or scenarios in life that can cause typical sadness. Do not always assume that when you are dealing with emotional changes, it is already depression. There is more to mental health than just feeling sad. Pay close attention to the other warning signs that also get in the way of your emotional, physical, and mental capabilities aside from extreme sadness.


What are the warning signs of a mental breakdown?

The most prevalent warning signs that a person is experiencing or about to experience a mental breakdown include depressive moods like feeling hopeless or thoughts of self-harm, extreme anxiety like stomach pains, dizzy spells, high blood pressure and tension, insomnia, hallucinations, and extreme emotional outbursts or mood swings. If you or a loved one is manifesting these, go to a psychologist or psychiatrist immediately.

What are the warning signs of poor mental health?

A person with poor mental health with manifest signs like sad or depressed feelings, change in emotions, eating less or overeating, sleeping less or cannot sleep much, oversleeping, social withdrawal, very sensitive, focus issues, apathetic behavior, disconnection, irrational thinking, fear, and unusual behavior not seemingly of the person. See a mental health professional immediately if this happens to you.

What is the tattoo symbol for depression?

There are many depression tattoos, and one of them is the semicolon. Having a tattoo is now considered a way to express oneself. The tattoo symbolizes strength and hope for most. Seeing it every single day is a reminder that depression can be overcome.

What color is associated with depression?

Some say that depression is the color gray. It usually refers to one’s state of mind, according to ScienceDaily.

Though grey represents balance and neutrality in some cases, it somehow carries negative association, for the most part, when it comes to grief and depression.

Why is a semicolon a symbol for depression?

It was initiated in 2015 by UpWorthy and called Project Semicolon. It means “I am still here,” and this visual is a movement by letting people know that there are hope and love for those fighting depression, self-harm, addiction, and suicidal thinking.


Final Thoughts

I know that handling depression is not easy, and I would not suggest it to anyone to deal with their mental and emotional health issues alone. Yes, there may be some hidden signs that you often think you can handle the pressure on your own, but believe me, there is no such severe mental illness that you can deal with without professional help. The only way you can walk away from the damage of depression is by realizing that it exists and is about to stay for a long period. Never underestimate what the mental health condition can do to your overall wellness. Because in an instant, it can break and tear you down.

Again, if you are dealing with a mental health issue but are not familiar with the warning signs, take time to learn more about it. It is much better to spend a lot of time reading and understanding mental illness rather than building assumptions about it. It will also help if you talk to someone about what you are going through to somehow guide you with the right coping methods.